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Corona Virus information

Below is some information which residents of St Leonards and wider Exeter might find helpful.

There are links to various websites which can help people who want help or people who want to help.


Waitrose is giving a little 'thank you' package to volunteers who have helped to make people's lives easier in St Leonards. We thank them.

Because of the pandemic Devon County Council are planning to change the roadway / pedestrian / cycle ways in Magdalen Road in order to help the traders and cyclists with social distancing. It will be a 6 month trial, but it could be made permanent if it works for the good of all.


The SLNA help service and shop delivery.

The Magdalen Rd Village shops have instigated a home delivery service for those who wish to ring in with their requirements, the delivery service is free. 1100 leaflets have been distributed to houses in the area and, since lockdown, 250 emails have been sent out to the community. The SLNA is offering a 'help' service for anyone who needs help in this difficult time. We may not be able to provide the help ourselves but we will hopefully find someone who can.
Here is an Exeter City facility for people requesting support in any part of Exeter.
Email, or ring us if you, or anyone you know in St Leonards, would like help.


Wellbeing Exeter

Please get in touch to let me know what is happening on your street / in your community with regards to supporting others, this will help us to build a picture and identify any gaps. Perhaps you have carried out a leaflet drop offering support to your neighbours or set up a Whatsapp group? Maybe your street is already well connected?

I have had individuals contact me offering help. If you require any support please get in touch.

If you would like some ideas for online activities please visit my Facebook page. Perhaps you would just like someone to talk to, again please get in touch.

Many thanks and look after yourselves.


Download The April newsletter
Tel. 07933 776210


G.P. Practice Patients' Groups

Coronavirus is going to affecting NHS and other services for the coming months.

Please see links to official NHS, Exeter City Council and government websites for up to date information and advice on Coronavirus:

Exeter City Council Website
Exeter City Centre: Facebook Page
NHS Website
UK Government Website
Barnfield Hill Surgery Website:

Many streets and localities are setting up their own local support networks. Contact your neighbours to see if one already exists, or perhaps set one up yourself!

Contact your local Exeter Community Builder to find out what local groups are in in your area, links can be found HERE

Other networks which are offering help:
Facebook: Devon- Covid 19 Mutual Aid

If you have a smart phone or computer with a camera, the following free software programs can help link up with friends and family:

If you want to offer help to a neighbour, print off the attached postcard and drop through their letterbox. Note that National Trust are offering access to their grounds free of charge and of course all parks are free to use too- just keep your 2 metre distance.

Hope this helps.

Keep well.

Best wishes,

Niall MacLeod and Penny Heggadon
Co-chair Barnfield Hill Surgery Patient Group (PPG)