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This is a summary of the present news items.

Mount Radford Lawn


The latest state of our bid to acquire it for the community. ACV listing has been granted!

Road changes - Magdalen Road + others in St. Leonards


Because of the pandemic and social distancing DCC are going to trial a one-way system in our 'village', they have requested opinions from traders and residents.



What we are doing and where to get help.

The Neighbourhood News


The door-to-door paper newsletter which goes out to 3200 house in St Leonards

Wellbeing Exeter


The Newtown & St Leonards Newsletter from our Community Builder

The Hour Glass - ACV application


The locals get together to protect the pub's future.

Bull Meadow


The sinking culvert problem

The news of what's on and what's happening in St Leonards can be found in several places.

the Neighbourhood News

Our wonderful Neighbourhood News gets delivered to 3200 houses in the St Leonards area every two months and it contains articles, advertisements and up-coming events. To find out more go to the Neighbourhood News web page.


Here is a link to our virtual noticeboard which shows the same events and posters as the real noticeboard which is on the green opposite the shops in Magdalen Road.

Wellbeing Exeter

The Newtown & St Leonards Community Builder monthly Newsletter contains a wealth of information about things going on in the area.

scroll down to see more



GOOD NEWS (then bad news)- EXETER DEAF ACADEMY PLAYING FIELD. (Mount Radford Lawn.)

We recently heard some very good news that Mount Radford Lawn has been listed by Exeter City Council as an "Asset Of Community Value".
This does not come with any guarantees of its future, but it is an important step along the way to keeping the playing field as a playing field.
The the owner asked for a review of the decision to list, the review took place and ECC did not change their mind. Here's what they said:-
" Justification for listing Mount Radford Lawn as an Asset of Community Value:
 The playing field has been used for as a playing field by pupils from a variety of local schools (e.g. ISCA Academy, and the Maynard School, in addition to Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education), and for other recreational purposes (e.g. pre-school play) for decades, with use ceasing in 2019, (i.e. the very recent past) only when access to the field was restricted by the owners, Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education. There is every reason to think that, if listed, use will continue to be made of the asset for organised sports and other recreational purposes by local schools and the local community, which will further both the social wellbeing and social interests of that community, both in the same way as before and in new ways. For example, the playing field has unquestionable capacity to function as a more general greenspace, as a venue for community and social events (such as fetes and fairs / markets), and as a venue for more ad hoc physical activities, such as Frisbee, outdoor aerobics or other forms of ’keep fit’, etc, as distinct from organised sports.
 Listing the playing field would be entirely consistent with the need to protect playing pitches in Exeter at a time of rapid population growth leading to growing organised sports team formation, and with the strategic aims (e.g. promote community resourcefulness) and ’Whole System Approach’ to increasing physical activity advocated in Exeter’s July 2019 Physical Activity Strategy - ’Exeter Live Better & Move More’ 
Then some bad news 13/8/2020..... ERADE have taken this decision to a First Tier Tribunal, that means the decision gets reviewed again by a Judge away from Exeter. A projected date for a decision on the ACV listing is January 2021!

To find out how the listing helps us and more, go to the ECC website here.
To see our vision for how this playing field could be used for the community - click here.


St Leonards and Magdalen Road Covid-19 traffic & pedestrian changes

Following the Government’s announcement of a £250 million emergency active travel fund, a series of temporary measures to support public safety are being explored by Devon County Council. These outline the County’s immediate priorities for supporting social distancing on key travel to work routes, city and neighbourhood shopping centres.
The traders have been consulted, Exeter C.C. is involved as well as Devon C.C. See the four links below.
It seems that changes will be made for a 6 month experimental period.
DCC would like your feedback on all the changes, both postive and negative. To do so email Carol Whitton our local DCC Councillor.
The first reactions to the changes in Magdalen Road have not been well received by everyone, some love it some loathe it, but DCC says it is listening to reactions, let's hope that they are also prepared to act. On 12th August DCC made it look prettier with flowers and barrier changes.
An email from Cllr Carol Whitton of the 27th July 2020 states:-

"Formal consultation with residents will take place if and when any proposals are brought forward to make permanent changes in Magdalen Road or the surrounding areas. The arrangements for advertising and the consultation process for Traffic Regulation Orders as required by statute would be followed in these circumstances. These arrangements do not apply to Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders.

No decision has currently been made to put forward proposals for permanent changes, nor has a decision been reached on the duration of the temporary arrangements currently in place. These are however due to be reviewed at HATOC on 13th October. This is a public meeting which members of the public may attend and can request to speak at."

Put the date in your diary if you feel strongly about the future of Magdalen Road, its shops and our village. And please fill in our opinion poll on the subject.

D.C.C. General Info about road changes in and around the City.



Newtown & St Leonards Community Wellbeing News.

Every month Jayne Leavers, our Community Builder, publishes a newsletter of activities, events, photographs and other community goings-on in our area.
To see her latest June Newsletter click here.


The Hour Glass - A.C.V. application

A group of friends of the very popular and iconic Hour Glass pub in Melbourne Street have got together and applied to Exeter City Council to have the pub listed as an Asset of Community Value. The Localism Act of 2012 had community-loved pubs specifically in mind when it was passed.
The pub freehold is owned by a larger pub group and leased to the present landlords. In these commercailly difficult times a lot of pubs are closing and it is specifically for this reason that the 'locals' are trying to get it listed. An ACV listing would give the locals a chance to buy it if it came up for sale.


Bull Meadow - Culvert problem.

You must have been on another planet if you have not noticed the fenced-off area in Bull Meadow Park which has been there for some years now. In Spring time it gets sewn with a wonderfully colourful mix of wild flowers which is the only good thing about it.
There is a “public service water sewer” underneath it which is collapsing and it is owned by South West Water who are challenging their responsibility to repair it and 69 other such sewers throughout Devon. They claim that it is the responsibility of the landowners to repair these sewers, that would mean, in a lot of cases, private residence’s owners would be responsible for the upkeep of the drains beneath them. After much discussion with Water UK who represent sewer companies, a protocol for such occurrences came into force in February this year and Exeter City Council (ECC) is trying to get SWW to follow this protocol.
ECC believe that “it’s fundamentally wrong for private homeowners and the tax payer to take on the responsibility for the failings of a private company who have had the ownership of these sewers for over 40 years and have invested little in their maintenance and upkeep.”
So let’s hope that something gets done about it soon and that the wild flowers can be sewn somewhere else nearby.
At 10/3/2020 a letter was written from Ben Bradshaw, Matthew Vizard, Richard Branston and Carol Whitton (our MP and Labour Councillors) to South West Water on the issue. READ IT.